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Special businesses and projects



Provisio was a company within Healthcare IT that I and a couple of partners founded and worked with for a few years.



Impentab is a merger and acquisitions specialist that focus on selling Scandinavian companies. Founded by my father in the 80’s. Impantab work with BCMS who is one of the leading companies within M&A. 



Regskylt logo copy.gif is an e-business that I founded in the late 90’s. It is now run by my wife Wiveka Ström-Olsen.



Sverres Data och Elektronik

This was a firm that I founded during high school and that I continued to work with during the university years.



Society links



Travellers’ Club in Malmö is a club with an objective to facilitate companionable association between men, who have travelled outside of Europe, so that they get to know each other and get an opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas.

Marknadsföreningen i Helsingborg was founded in 1933 and is today southern Sweden’s largest network for people interested in marketing and trends. We meet early on Friday mornings for a quick breakfast and some talk.

Colloquy is an Internet based high-IQ society. There are a number of high IQ societies (read more here). Colloquy accepts individuals with an intelligence quotient measured in the top 99.5 percentile.

Mysterium is a society with ambition to nuture, stimulate and inspire human creativity, ingenuity and originality.




Sverre is on LinkedIn and you find him through this link.

A fine golf course in southern Sweden. One of the best courses around in my opinion.